After leaving Zion

After going through Zion from east to west I decided to take a scenic loop counterclockwise to get back to Kanab.  Once I was outside the Park I went through a series of small towns and when I got to Virgin I turned right on the 23-mile road to the Kolob Reservoir I had started to drive the day I came down from upstate Utah.

I didn’t know radishes came from  the cactus plant.  Actually, the red objects are the flowers (or fruit) of the prickly pear cactus and are called figs or tunas and can be cleaned and cut open for their juice.  It is a popular additive for making jellies and jams, or syrup for use on salads or in drinks such as margaritas.  Yummy!








Upon reaching the reservoir I turned around and headed back down to Route 9.  Turning right again, I continued west to LaVerkin, turned left and went to the town of Hurricane where I picked up Route 59 which would take me east and in to Arizona before turning left in Fredonia to get back to Kanab in time for dinner.

Once I crossed in to Arizona the road opened up and I had mountains to my left and open desert to my right.


This was one of the many formations to my left as I headed towards Fredonia.


This formation is located right across the street from where I was staying in Kanab.


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