Zion National Park (1/2)

These are some of the things I saw while driving through Zion National Park on the Sunday after Labor Day.  These were all taken with the smartphone camera.  Closeups taken with the digital camera will be posted later.

My original plan was to park my car when I got to Zion and use the Park’s bus system to get around.  Parking is very limited and there is one big section of the Park which is only accessible by bus.  When I saw the amount of traffic in the Park, especially the number of tour buses, I quickly decided to simply stop at as many pullouts as I could and abandoned the bus idea.  Consequently, you are only seeing a small portion of what Zion has to offer.

I was at Zion several years ago and of all the National Parks I have actually been to so far, it is one of my favorites.  I strongly encourage everyone to visit it and see for themselves.  It is a quick, easy ride from Las Vegas and can easily be seen in one day.  Just don’t come the Sunday after Labor Day!










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