Welcome newcomers! And exciting blog news for all….

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And THANK YOU to all my followers.  I have noticed a nice increase in followers in just the last few days, including many names I don’t recognize.  Thanks for checking out my blog and please share it with others you think might enjoy it.

Good news – My blog can now be (or will soon be) found at johnboystravelblog.com

A reserved domain name is part of the friendly service with a smile that WordPress (the host site) offers for what I am now paying them.  I will soon be upgrading to an even higher level, as I am approaching the maximum amount of space I am allowed as a Premier site and will take it to the next level, which will be unlimited.  There will be no stopping JohnBoy!

Based on an online conversation I just had with WordPress Support I have added a calendar to the home page.  This will allow you to go back in time and view older posts without having to scroll down through all entries.

Everyone sees the most recent posts first, so when you log in each time simply keep scrolling down until you see something you’ve already viewed.  If you are interested in going all the way back to the beginning (either in original order as posted or in reverse order) then keep track of what date you left off on and then resume your viewing at another time.  Maybe get a 2017 calendar and mark on it what dates you’ve already seen.  I left for this trip July 5 and started posting on the 7th.  I have posted just about every day since then, with some exceptions.  You will notice that posts have evolved in format and content (including LOTS more pictures) as I try to learn how to do this.

You may also use the Search function on the Home page to look for specific things or to find the date I posted something.

And although I like having followers, if you don’t want to keep getting emails in the middle of the night telling you when I have posted something (which you probably then delete), you may take your name off the list and just check the blog at your discretion.  And the best way to check the blog is to just go to the site, do NOT link to it from each individual email.  I initiate each post with my cell phone (which is when you get the email), then add pictures and commentary using my computer as much as 4 or 5 hours later, so you may not be seeing the finished product.

Again, thank you all.  Please feel free to share comments, good or bad, either on an individual post (you have 14 days from the original date of post) or privately via “Contact” at the top/right of the Home page.

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