Temperatures and Altitudes


I mentioned in another post that the winter storm here in Colorado is causing a major one-day drop in temperatures.

At 6pm local time it was just above freezing here in Loveland, which is at around 5,000 feet elevation.  When I started gathering information for this post at around 130am local time (yes, Matilda, call me crazy but I generally post my blog in the middle of the night…) it was 25 degrees.

Over in Breckenridge (at around 9,600 feet) it was 24 degrees at 6pm and is currently 17 degrees.

Back in Durham, NC (which is only at around 400 feet) it is currently 75 degrees (at the RDU airport, actually) at 330am Eastern time.  It’s not even that warm INSIDE the house I’m staying in out here!

In Albuquerque, New Mexico (see next post) it is currently 43 degrees (they are on Mountain Daylight time, as is Colorado).  ABQ is at around 5,300 feet elevation.


Other than altitude, the distance from the equator is also a factor in temperature.

Albuquerque is about the equivalent of Charlotte on the east coast.

Breckenridge is about the equivalent of Baltimore, Maryland.

Loveland is about the equivalent of Hagerstown, Maryland.


I’m getting back in my nice warm bed now….

I’ll post some more “close-ups” from earlier in this trip in the morning as I wait for it to get warm enough outside to clean my car.   Goodnight.


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  1. Yesterday was 75 degrees here in the morning and one billion percent humidity. Yuck – not how October is supposed to be.


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