Your Worst Nightmare

This poster was in the restaurant where I had lunch on Friday.  Sorry for the poor picture quality.  I tried downloading the image from the internet but I can’t seem to save it in a format which I may post to the blog.


(Photo credit: Dr. Bert Bergland, poster copyright Autovia Limited)

The photo shows a 1988 Lamborghini Countach decked out in Colorado Highway Patrol livery, with an actual state trooper posing menacingly next to it.  True story – that trooper actually pulled Dr. Bergland over for speeding while he was taking his very pregnant wife to the hospital to have their son delivered.

If you Google Your Worst Nightmare Lamborghini you’ll find a better picture.

This poster was in a little diner in Paonia, Colorado cleverly named “The Diner”.  Paonia is a cute little town.


After lunch (I had steak & eggs, just like the astronauts!) I went to the town park to re-fill my water bottles in the shade.  The park was next to an elementary school which had this artwork in front of it.


Someone obviously put a lot of effort into it.

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