Bryce Canyon National Park

Wednesday I spent most of the day at Bryce.  I tried to get here on two different days last year while in the area, but was distracted by two other area attractions – Cedar Breaks National Monument and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument (you may search the blog on the Home page to see some photos from those magnificent places).

Wednesday was an amazing day in many respects.  I am in a beautiful place and love what I’m doing.  The weather was fantastic.  While there were clouds that came and went (which can actually help create some good photo opportunities) it never rained where I was and the temperatures were in the upper 60’s and low 70’s with some occasional wind.  I got to talk to some fellow travelers and hear some of their experiences as well.  The Park was not crowded and there were many times I could just put the cameras away and enjoy where I was and what I was seeing.

All these photos were taken in a 20 minute period when I arrived at the first overlook.  These are of the main “amphitheater,” which is the largest cluster of formations.  And as you can see, in some spots they are really packed in!  Can you imagine 200 years ago people riding horses through the area and upon reaching the crest of a hill seeing this laid out before them?  They must have thought they had been transported to another planet!

This was the first glimpse I got.  While it isn’t a very good picture, I wanted to remember it.


As you’ll see, it gets much better:










I will post more pictures tomorrow, including closeups with the digital camera.  It will take me awhile to review all 491 pictures I took on Wednesday.

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  1. This makes me smile. I think the same thing about those discovering these magnificent landscapes through history. So stunningly beautiful.


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