Devils Punchbowl

This Oregon State Park is located between Newport and Depoe Bay, Oregon.  The main attraction is the huge, round “bowl” which has an opening at the western base to allow the surf of the ocean to enter it and swirl around before exiting through another hole on the north side.  It is apparently quite a show at high tide.


And here is a view from the south showing that it is, in fact, right next to the ocean:







3 thoughts on “Devils Punchbowl”

  1. We missed that! Sure wish we would have ventured into that area. I’m really enjoying your posts, but I’m realizing the Oregon Coast has so much more to offer. I guess we’ll have to go back someday.


      1. On second thought, I just looked back at our pictures and we saw this at high tide. We saw it from above and I had no idea it was so large, so glad you had some folks in it to give it perspective.


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