Travel Day & Air Quality Maps

Thursday I am heading over to eastern Washington to spend my final 5 nights in the state.  Here is what the nationwide map looked like last Thursday:


Yellow is Acceptable, Orange is Bad, Red is Very Bad (Unhealthy), Purple is Hazardous.  As you can see, this time last week things looked pretty bleak for the Northwest US and Southwestern Canada.

Here’s what it looks like this morning:


As you can see, there is a small area of orange in eastern Washington and within that orange area is one red spot – Spokane.  Where am I going for the next 5 days??  Spokane.

The area just north of Mount Vernon got some rain yesterday morning which moved east along the border with Canada and I think that, along with other areas of rain in the past week, have contributed to the temporarily improved readings.  The fires continue, though, so I expect smoke and bad air to return.

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