My UP of Michigan Airbnb & a visitor…

Thursday and Friday nights I stayed in the town of Rapid River, Michigan, in the south-central part of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  I had stayed with the same people when I started using Airbnb back in 2015 and was delighted to see the listing was still available.

Friday morning I set out to drive on more scenic roads and maybe take more pictures of the changing leaves but mid-day decided to just go back and enjoy the property I was staying at.  In addition to an incredible log home the property included access to a private beach.  I sent this first picture to friends back home in North Carolina, which is feeling the effects of Hurricane Florence.  I called this my “safe place:”


This is the home I stayed in:



When I walked back up to the house from the beach I sat outside for a while waiting to see if I could get hummingbird pictures.  I didn’t get any, but I did see a few hummingbirds buzzing around the property.  One critter I did see was this black squirrel:



I had seen some black squirrels when I visited Michigan back in 2015.  Back in North Carolina, up in the mountains near Asheville, is a town called Brevard which is one of the five places in North America where there are white squirrels.  Not albino, just squirrels with a white coat.

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  1. That’s a great house you stayed in in Michigan!! I’ll bet the owner returned happy yesterday; Michigan had a resounding win!


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