Mackinac Bridge

Here is another photo I took while in upstate Minnesota back in 2015.  This was taken from the boat I rode on from the Upper Peninsula out to Mackinac Island (pronounce Mackinac as if the last letter is a w, not a c).  I will post photos from the island itself (where the only modes of transportation are walking, horses (riding on them or being pulled in horsedrawn carriages), bicycles, wheelchairs or golf carts (which are only allowed on the golf course itself or to be used by workers in town.  People can’t just go joy riding using them)) when I get back to Durham.

I learned on this boat ride that when you are on the west side of the north-south oriented bridge you are on Lake Michigan and when you are on the east side you are on Lake Huron.  This was taken while we were on the west side.


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