New Glasgow to Antigonish, NS

July 21, 2019

Sunday I made a short road trip east of New Glasgow.  I headed over to Routes 245 and 337 to drive along the “shark’s fin”:


First stop – Arisaig where I found a harbor, a lighthouse and a lobster Interpretive Centre.



This is the current lighthouse, a replica of the original.  The first lighthouse was built here in 1895 and was modified a few years later.  It was destroyed by fire in the 1930’s.  Volunteers built this replica in 2007.



Next to the harbor there was a little restaurant serving Sunday brunch out on their deck.  Meet Killan who was entertaining the customers with some fiddle music.  I’m getting closer to Scotland every day….


This is the St. Margaret of Scotland church, across the highway from the road leading down to the harbor and lighthouse.


Further up the road was this canoe in a small pond on someone’s property.


Further up the road were these pretty flowers.  Looks like a good opportunity to play “Go ahead, count ’em.  I’ll wait…”



Up at the top of the “fin” I found the Cape George lighthouse.  It is the third one to exist at this location, the first one having been built in 1861.  It sits 360 feet above sea level (I was surprised to see the sign state feet and not meters).


Around the bend from Cape George is Ballantynes Cove, with – you guessed it – a harbor AND a Bluefin Tuna Interpretive Centre.



For an interpretive centre I didn’t find it very informative.  One of the three things I learned was that the a lens for the Cape SAINT George lighthouse in Newfoundland was inadvertently delivered here to the Cape George lighthouse back in 1908.  Oops.



Second – meet Jenna Gavin, who at age 12 landed this 618 pound bluefin tuna in 2014.


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The third thing: Congratulating Jenna is Ken Fraser (they are both local residents) who himself landed the world record 1,496 pound bluefin tuna back in 1979 – a record which still stands today.  Talk about a “Big Kahuna Tuna”….


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    1. Yes. It was basically a restaurant with some pictures of lobsters on the wall and a few posters with lobster facts and trivia. MUCH better than the bluefin tuna centre further up the road.


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