Tickle Me Elmo

July 28, 2019

With apologies to the Sesame Street brand….

In addition to what they taught me Saturday night about gannets, my Airbnb hosts also helped me understand what a “tickle” is in the nautical sense.  I had seen several “tickles” on maps of Newfoundland and Labrador.  Black Tickle in Labrador is known for having an abundance of polar bears.  In Newfoundland there is Tickle Cove, Tickle Harbour and, my favorite, Leading Tickles.

A tickle is a short, narrow strait between two pieces of land.  The waves in the water “tickle” the coastline or “tickle” the bottom of a boat.  Apparently it is a nautical term unique to Newfoundland and Labrador.

If I understood my host correctly, this is a “tickle” on the opposite side of town from where they live in Quirpon:



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