Flaming Gorge – Visitor Center

Our second stop Sunday was at the Visitor Center, in Utah, on the south end of the Flaming Gorge Reservoir, part of the Flaming Gorge National Recreation area. As we were driving in I FINALLY saw two bighorn sheep! I reported a few years ago that I thought maybe they were extinct because I saw warning signs everywhere but never actually saw any. Well here were two standing not far off the road in the shade:

The Visitor Center is called “Red Canyon Visitor Center” even though this is nowhere near the Red Canyon south of Lander. Because of the red rocks in this part of the country I see signs for places called Red Canyon all over the place as I drive around the state.

Outside the Visitor Center there was a low fence to keep people away from the edge as we were very close to a steep drop off, but the views were incredible. My sister-in-law got another shot of your hero JohnBoy at work:

Here are some photos without the “clutter”

As my sister-in-law, Jen, and I were wandering around taking photos my brother spoke to one of the Forest Service members who was outside the Visitor Center controlling the number of people which were allowed inside at any given moment. Turns out he lives about a mile and a half of where I do in Durham NC!! He and his partner are both volunteering to work for the Forest Service in exchange for lodging. What a deal!

And while were driving further up the road to an unnamed overlook the man from Durham told us about, Jen reminded me of a phrase she had uttered earlier in the day based on their previous trip to this place – “Flaming Gorgeous!”

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