Xerophyllum tenax

I have never seen this plant before, and only saw it a handful of places today (although I was only seeing stuff from the road).  The young lady at the Visitor Center called it beargrass.  It apparently has several other names.

It only blooms every 5-7 years.  Evidently this year there is a bumper crop.  She said a ranger told her that in all the years he has worked at Glacier he has never seen so many.


Only saw one mountain goat today and wasn’t able to get a picture.  Saw some Moo Cows on the way home after I left the park.

I had huckleberry pie for dessert tonight.  Huckleberries are real big in this part of the country and are in season.  I also bought some at a roadside stand (the guy said they were locally grown).  They look like blueberries but are smaller.  The ones I bought plain are kind of tart, whereas the pie was sweet (though it probably had sugar added).


I’m going to post a bunch of pictures of the Park and just let them speak for themselves.