Butterfingers JohnBoy

I swear to God this actually happened today exactly as I’m about to tell it.

While at Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park I went to the overlook area outside the Visitor Center.  At one of the wooden railings (shown below) I leaned out a little to take a picture with my smartphone while commenting to the people standing near me that one of these days I’m going to drop it while doing such foolish things, given my clumsiness.


I proceeded further out the observation deck which, interestingly, slopes downward as it goes further away from the Visitor Center, giving an added sense of impending calamity to Mr. Smiley Pants I’m Afraid of Heights JohnBoy.


I recruited this volunteer (who was visiting the Park from New Jersey with his girlfriend) to show that from my vantage point I was looking downward.  I also learned, as we were walking back to our vehicles, that they both attended East Stroudsburg University in Pennsylvania (I used to live in Stroudsburg).


This is a popular place for visitors to have their pictures taken and, sure enough, a woman asked if I’d mind taking a group photo of her and her friends.  I said of course I wouldn’t mind, put my phone in my pocket and took the two devices she gave me, one a digital camera which appeared to be more complex and expensive than mine, and her iPhone.  I took two pictures with her digital camera.  I then transferred it to my left hand and in doing so became JohnBoy the Juggler.


(Photo credit: circusberzerous.co.uk)

When she had given me the phone I observed and commented out loud that just about every other iPhone I have used to take other people’s pictures with during this trip had a cracked screen (not a fake screen cover, which you can buy, but an actual cracked screen) and I said “guess you never dropped it, eh?”.   I even joked about being afraid of dropping my own phone over the edge earlier.

As I was swapping the two cameras the iPhone slipped out of my right hand.  I was able to keep hitting it from below to keep it in the air until I finally grabbed it.

Disaster was averted.


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