Dangerous Road in Ouray, Colorado

My travels today took me close enough to Ouray, CO that I had to go back and cheat death once more in order to get photographic evidence of my claim that you would drop straight down off the road if you should drive over the edge.

As you can see, these were taken from the relative safety of the northbound side of the road.  I still couldn’t bring myself to release my death grip of the steering wheel going the other way, although there was an even better spot to make my point.

From this vantage point you can see three spots where the drop off is straight.  One near the top, where the highway department has reinforced the bank underneath the road (thanks, guys!) and also left of the Jeep and below the Jeep.  I have zoomed in to that area to further illustrate my point, and to show Shawn that I STOPPED IN THE ROAD to take these pictures, even though the signs clearly told drivers not to stop.



I also found this photo online which, according to an anonymous Facebook source, was taken by a local and is on display in an Ouray micro-brewery.  In it you can see the river far below the road’s edge.  The photographer clearly has a sense of humor, as well as no apparent fear of heights.


(Photo credit: Unidentified source)


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