Saturday morning – After Toadstools

These were taken after I visited the “Toadstools” formations, about a half hour east of Kanab.

When I got out to where I had parked the car a light rain had started to fall.  Actually, before I got to the car I should mention that something ran across the path in front of me, scaring me half to death.  I think it might have been a jackrabbit (a rabbit variation with very long legs and very big ears).  Either that or it was a kangaroo.

Anyway, when I got to the parking area two trucks were pulling in with UTV’s on trailers (no longer just all terrain vehicles – these are utility terrain vehicles thank you very much).  These vehicles can hold four people properly strapped in, plus a two-martini lunch (for those who like theirs shaken, not stirred).



I told the two couples who got out of the trucks that the UTV’s were way too clean.  They said they had just driven through some heavy rain which washed all the fun-mud off them.  They were driving west towards Kanab, and I would be driving east and into the rain they had just experienced.  They weren’t planning to use these vehicles here, they just stopped to see the Toadstools.

I continued on east and soon came to the recreation area they had been at earlier in the morning.  This huge rock sits in the middle of a lake.  It is called Lone Rock, and is part of the Big Water Recreation Area.  The lake (actually, it is part of the Colorado River) continues east towards the Glen Canyon Dam, and there is a marina with larger boats and other pleasure craft further downriver.  Lone Rock is next to the Big Water Campground.



If you look closely at the photo above you will see someone jet-skiing on the river.  Here is another photo from a slightly different vantage point which gives you some idea how big Lone Rock is.


I continued on towards the Glen Canyon Dam.  Once I passed over the dam I came to an overlook which offered some pretty dramatic views.  The dam itself wasn’t all that impressive, in my opinion, plus there were lots of power lines and such so it wasn’t a very good photo op.



I took advantage of my newfound spy status to take some photos of people without their knowledge.




After leaving the Dam area I moved on to the next venue.  While walking up the hill to that viewing area I caught these folks candidly as well.  At first I thought the guy in the photo below was proposing, but after examining another photo which was zoomed in more he was just taking her picture.


These folks (different from the “proposal” couple) were using their dog, Suki, as a prop.  Evidently Suki isn’t afraid of heights, and fortunately they weren’t offering her for sacrifice…


Suki is SO cute….





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