Horseshoe Bend

After proceeding over the Glen Canyon Dam Bridge I arrived in the town of Page, Arizona.  Here I found something I had already bought a picture of the day before.

The picture I bought was taken by a professional photographer, either using a special lens or after being hoisted by a crane.  I have neither of those items in my repertoire so you’ll have to settle for a two-part picture, given the size of the object and my proximity to it.

This is a bend in the Colorado River as seen from 1,000 feet above (yikes!).  Believe me, it took all the courage I could muster to get the shot of the actual bend in the river, achieved pretty much by walking close to the edge (I SERIOUSLY considered crawling out but already looked silly enough in my Safety Sam vest, and there were lots of people around) and holding my phone WAY out in front of me, hoping I was holding it at the correct angle.  I’m relieved these came out fairly well because I don’t care to go back.





I looked around for another sturdy spot and thought I’d better try again, just to be sure.





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