All over the map

Here is a collection of random things from the past two weeks or so.

This is the first Runaway Truck Ramp I think I have ever seen that was recently used (before being groomed for the next victim).  It was on the dreaded interstate I took on my way up to Arches National Park in Utah.




There is a non-graveled lane to the right which is evidently how a tow truck gets on site to extract the, now stuck, truck.  I saw another ramp somewhere on this trip, I don’t remember where, that was twice as long as the conventional ramp and ended almost completely vertical.  I swear, if it had been paved instead of covered with gravel it would have launched the offending truck into space!

Next up, some cool vehicles I saw in the little town of Oatman on the day I drove part of Historic Route 66.




Next, a hot air balloon I saw shortly after it was launched while I was on my way to Scottsdale to visit the Frank Lloyd Wright residence.




And then there was the tent on the property of Taliesin West which is typical of where Mr. Wright’s apprentices were expected to stay while working for him.



And later that day, a mountain I passed on my way east to Show Low, Arizona.


Then, on the day I drove up to the Petrified Forest National Park I saw this in a field off to my right.  My guess would be that the externally rusted tank holds water for the cattle which lives on the property and is pumped up from underground, initially by wind-generated power and more recently by solar-generated power.


And finally, when I arrived at the Park there was a bicycle rally in progress.  Here are two riders I met when I was at the Visitor Center, ready to embark on the second half of their ride for charity.  They are riding the newest craze, an E-Bike which is motor assisted.  I may need to look into that when I get home.  My brothers gave me a bike for my 50th birthday (to try and promote a healthy lifestyle) but the bike rack on my car got far more miles put on it than the bike ever did.  I’m not in very good shape and just don’t have the stamina for bicycle riding.  Kudos to those who can ride considerable distances for charity, motor-assisted or not!


And a conventional bicycle, waiting for it’s rider who is off taking a break.


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