Prada Marfa

May 26, 2017

FortDavis area

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The day I left Alpine to head further west I first drove up to the McDonald Observatory, drove the scenic loop west of it back to Fort Davis, then proceeded southwest to the little town of Marfa. This trip was pre-blog and I was sending some of the pictures I am now posting to friends back home in real time. When my friend Kathy learned I would be in Marfa she told be to be sure to check out Prada Marfa, without explaining any details.

For those of you who don’t know, Prada is a very high-end women’s apparel and accessories retailer with locations in many shi-shi places around the world. Silly me assumed it would be in the town of Marfa and while I was there I drove around looking for it. I didn’t ask anyone and just assumed it didn’t cut it in little Marfa (all the while wondering why in the world they would have one out here in the first place).

Today was a travel day and I was heading west to El Paso, Texas and ultimately Las Cruces, New Mexico where I would be spending the next few nights. Lo and behold, as I traveled west on Route 90, there it was – all by it’s lonesome out in the desert (actually closer to the town of Valentine than Marfa).



Like any real Prada store there are actual Prada shoes (right shoes only, mind you) and handbags within this locked facility.



It was created in 2005 and has been robbed or vandalized several times since then.

It’s actually quite a hoot.

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  1. Pleased to report the iPad is working fine again – no idea…
    I remember the Prada Marfa pics from this leg of your 2017 journey!


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