Acadia National Park

July 9, 2019

The main reason I am spending 4 nights in Maine before crossing into Canada is to visit Acadia National Park.  I have been to Belgrade Lake, north of Augusta with one of my brothers and his family on several occasions (including side trips each year to LL Bean and Pemaquid Point Lighthouse) but have never visited other parts of the state.

Tuesday I drove out to Acadia and spent a good bit of the day driving around within the Park itself and on much of the island it occupies.  I always thought the main island was exclusively the Park but learned that in addition to a major town (Bar Harbor) there are also many, many small towns and fishing villages scattered all over the island with non-Park roads connecting them.  Although the bulk of Acadia is in one place (and has a 27-mile road meandering through it) there are also smaller parts of the Park scattered about the area as well.

The first thing I did after I arrived at the Park and got my map was head up to the top of Cadillac Mountain, the highest point in the Park.

This is the view towards the east-northeast.  Bar Harbor is along the edge of the island I am standing on and behind it are several more islands: Bar Island, Sheep Porcupine, Burnt Porcupine, Long Porcupine and Bald Porcupine.


Looking the other way is another, smaller mountain with a large lake at it’s base.



I drove around Park Loop Road stopping at various overlooks.  This is a short ways past Sand Beach:



And in the central part of Mount Desert Island is Somes Sound, a fjard (similar to but different from a fjord):



And further around the island (and outside the Park) was this little fishing harbor, Southwest Harbor, at low tide:


And on the south side of the island I saw some sailboats:


After leaving Acadia for the day I headed back towards Hampden, but made a side trip near where I had driven to Castine the day before, this time taking Route 15 as far south as I could go – to Stonington:



I will be going back to Acadia again tomorrow to just sit and enjoy the views at some of my favorite spots rather than just driving all day.

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  1. Acadia is on my list including Bar Harbor. So beautiful!
    The Porcupine islands are cleverly named…


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