Labrador, Canada


The photo above if of my AAA map.  I cleverly blocked out the other three Maritime provinces with the shadow of my smartphone (camera)!

Labrador (half of the “Newfoundland and Labrador” province) is a very large land-based area attached to Quebec province. It is the extreme eastern mainland portion of Canada. Labrador comprises 73% of the land size (of NL combined) but has only 8.6% of the population.

The indigenous Inuit people are largely gone from here.

Most of Labrador is very remote. Small villages along the coast are only serviced by boats (see dotted lines on the map above), ferries and small aircraft. The only roads are in extreme southern Labrador.

Torngat Mountains National Park, at the north end of Labrador, is extremely rugged and people are not advised to go there unless they are very experienced in surviving harsh, winter weather (and know how to deal with polar bears. Seriously – that is a requirement). Park rangers want you to register with them when you enter and notify them when you leave. They want you to let them know roughly where you are planning to go so they know where to look for the bodies if you don’t come out. This isn’t somewhere you run off to for a weekend getaway…


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