Welcome to Newfoundland!

July 26, 2019


Thursday I took a large ferry from North Sydney, Nova Scotia to Port aux Basques, Newfoundland. Newfoundland is a huge island, the size of the State of North Carolina, northeast of Nova Scotia. The ferry ride was scheduled to take between 5 1/2 and 7 hours depending on weather. The seas were calm and we did it in 6 hours.

Newfoundland is one half of the Canadian province called “Newfoundland and Labrador,” the other half being Labrador as you probably guessed. They are one half in name only – Labrador is considerably larger in size (73% of their combined land area) but has a markedly smaller population (only 8.6% of their combined population).

A friend of mine in Pennsylvania lived with someone who raises and breeds Newfoundlands (the dog). They have 8 of them and this was the scene shortly after I arrived at their home for a visit last year. The 8 of them were very excited to meet me at the door but after about a half hour they were all asleep on the kitchen floor. They are very big so you are only seeing four:


The dog breed is generally pronounced NOOFIN-lind (at least that’s what my friend called them). Canadians prefer that you pronounce their province noofin-LAND and I’ve been told that that pronounciation is technically correct for both.

I will be spending 10 nights on Newfoundland:

As I said, Newfoundland, the island, is also very big. Here is a picture I posted previously showing all of the Maritime provinces I will be visiting during this trip (all of them but Labrador). Newfoundland, at over 42,000 square miles, is almost as big as New Brunswick and Nova Scotia combined.


I was hoping to take a ferry over to Labrador to see a few things, and to say I’ve been there, but the length of the ferry ride and the wait between rides made it too time consuming so I will have to do it on my next trip up here.

Newfoundland and a small part of Labrador have their own time zone, thank you very much. Curiously it is one HALF hour ahead of Atlantic Time (which itself is one hour ahead of Eastern Time). Most of Labrador is Atlantic but the extreme southeast portion closest to Newfoundland is NL Time.

I will make a separate post about Labrador.


I noted on the instructions for the ferry that when I return to Nova Scotia I may not bring back “plant material or produce” from either Newfoundland or Labrador. They also do not want me to bring back dirt (soil) on my car and may wash it before I drive on board.  Apparently what happens on Newfoundland STAYS on Newfoundland…

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