July 22, 2019


My friend and frequent commenter Shawn pointed out that I mentioned a lobster interpretive center in the “New Glasgow to Antigonish” post without providing any details. The “center” was in a small restaurant and basically amounted to several pictures and posters on the wall with lobster facts and trivia. Here are some examples:


Lobsters are located in all the oceans of the world

A male is called a Cock, a female a Hen and a young lobster a Chicken

To evade predators lobsters can quickly curl and uncurl their abdomens and thus propel themselves at speeds of up to several feet per second

They can be left or right handed (clawed, if you will)

They listen with their legs and smell with their feet

Their blood is colorless

The largest lobster on record weighed 44 pounds and was caught in Nova Scotia in 1977


(Photo credit: wjbq.com)


So now you know!!

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