JohnBoy, you are so childish….

July 29, 2019

Sometimes I see things that bring out the juvenile in me.  There are now three things I have to tell you about – one I knew about before I left home but the other two I only discovered during this trip.

ITEM ONE – Simple

When driving near Belfast, Maine the day I arrived in the area for my 4-night stay at the start of this trip I drove over a bridge with this sign next to it and had to chuckle to myself.  I didn’t go back to take a photo of it as I assumed I would find one online (I did):


(Photo credit:

I hope you find it as amusing as I did.

ITEM TWO – More complex (and arguably adult content)

You may want to send the children outside for a while…..

This one I knew about before I left home.  Tuesday I left where I was staying in Deer Lake to head east towards Gander.  Along the way I made a few side trips on scenic roads, including a drive up to a town called Twillingate.  As expected, I drove past this Provincial Park near the north end of that drive:


Once again, laughter from JohnBoy.  But it gets even better.  There is a town of Dildo in southeast Newfoundland (I may be driving through it tomorrow on my way to St. John’s).  The New York Times wrote an article about the town’s bizarre name back in 2016 and included this photo (in color so I assume it was on their website):

NYT photo

(Photo credit:

The article started out as follows:  “An hour’s drive from the town of Come By Chance, past Spread Eagle Island, there is a large green traffic sign that often functions as its very own destination: “Dildo,” the sign proclaims, with an arrow pointing straight ahead”.

Now the definition of dildo used to include such things as a cylindrical object, a type of tree, or nautical pins.  Let’s just say my Google search didn’t bring up any photos of trees or nautical pins….

As for the locations name, they are mostly accurate.  And the arrow on the Dildo sign points left, not straight.  As I write this I am staying at my Airbnb in Sunnyside (south of Clarenville and Goobies).  Come By Chance is only 3.7 miles away, in fact it was the same exit I took off the TCH but I would have turned right instead of left.  I can’t find Spread Eagle Island but there is Spread Eagle Bay just across from the town of Dildo and there is a Dildo Island located inside Spread Eagle Bay.  I will let you ponder that and make your own conclusions.  The town of Dildo, population around 1,200, is 38 miles from where I am sitting but requires that you overshoot it on the TCH and then backtrack, so it would be shorter as the crow flies.

I’m not making any of this up (I’m not nearly that clever).  Feel free to Google all this to confirm the facts but before you do let me caution you – I already did and now shutter to think what kind of pop-up ads I’ll be seeing as I surf the web for the next month or so…..

ITEM THREE – Current events

This one I just learned Saturday as I took the boat ride through the Western Brook Pond fjord.  The crew of the ship pointed out several waterfalls along the sides of the fjord.  Unfortunately, most were on the side facing the sun and from 11am to 1pm my photos of them were all washed out.  I did post one photo of a very thin waterfall on the “sunny” side of the fjord walls.  We could see mist from the others but they were hard to photograph.

The funny thing is the name of the last waterfall they told us about.  It is called “Pissing Mare Falls”.  Honestly, you can’t make this stuff up.


(Photo credit:

Here is another photo I found online which doesn’t so much show the falls but does show it at that perfect moment on the right day when the setting sun hits it just right and makes it appear to be on fire:


(Photo credit:


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