Hey Kim Jung-un – I got yer ICBM right here…

You are looking at the business end of a Minuteman II Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, housed in the Delta-09 Silo just down the highway from Wall Drug (literally, the next exit).  This baby can fly up to 7,500 miles and strike within 900 feet of it’s target.

OK, OK, so we haven’t been keeping these active since the early 90’s (or have we??? – cue the suspenseful sound effects…..) and maybe this is only a replica.  But you can bet we have even bigger and better missiles scattered all over the country in a silo near you.

When I went up to Brevard, NC two years ago to see some radio telescopes that are located there I heard stories that the site supposedly housed several missile silos as well.  And there is that mysterious underground facility which is supposed to exist just outside Chapel Hill, NC.  Who knows where the missiles might be….  The Biltmore House???  The Greenbrier???  Mar-a-Lago???  But enough rumor mongering.  We have to keep KJU in suspense so he doesn’t do anything stupid.


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