What? This isn’t Mt. Rushmore???

For those of you hoping to see pictures of Mt. Rushmore, sorry to disappoint you – I did not go there.  I was there many years ago and my recollection is that even if you pay to park and pay to get in you still aren’t all that close to the mountain and pictures on a cell phone probably wouldn’t be very good.  I saw a postcard with the view from a tunnel and the heads in the background which was pretty cool.  Well, I risked my life in that narrow (and I mean narrow) tunnel and the picture I took is nothing like the postcard.  Some things are just better left to professional photographers.  If you’re really desperate I’ll send you the postcard.

I also decided not to go to the Crazy Horse Memorial for the same reason.  I saw a picture on the brochure and thought that was good enough for me.


This morning I drove up to Ellsworth Air Force Base (just east of Rapid City) to take pictures of some planes, notably the B-1B bomber which is based there. Was hoping to see some in the air but no luck.  I’ve seen several do fly-bys at the Charlotte race.  It is one powerful aircraft.

I then headed back down to go through the east side of Custer State Park which I didn’t see yesterday (and in doing so passed through said tunnel), and back down through Wind Cave on trusty unpaved Roads 5 & 6.

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