Does anyone remember these?

I was driving down a scenic road near Darby, MT the other day and from the opposite direction came a parade of 8 Volkswagen “Things”, each a different color.  I thought “How cool is that” and actually considered turning around to follow them to see if they were going to a car show or something.

Well this afternoon on my way to Glacier, here they all were lined up in an ice cream drive-in parking lot in Choteau, MT.  I spoke with the woman standing next the green Thing and she said they are from Boise, ID (where I’ll be in a few weeks) but do road trips en masse from time to time.

The VW Thing, as it was called in this country, was sold in the early 70’s.  I saw one last year in a city somewhere (I forget which one) but rarely see them on the road.  In Germany they were sold as the VW Type 181 (oh, those wacky Germans….).


Also on the road today I stopped in the little town of White Sulphur Springs to refill my water bottles (again). My friends Eric and Shawn gave me a plug-in cooler which sits on the floor on the passenger side of the car.  I keep 12 bottles of water in it and it keeps them cool as I drive.  My brother David, who lived in Salt Lake City for several years, taught me the importance of staying hydrated in the desert and/or at high elevation.  I buy big bottles of water at the dollar store and refill the little bottles with that.  I know you aren’t supposed to reuse bottles indefinitely.  I usually start each trip with a new set.  Given the length of this trip I will probably replace them about halfway through my journey.  Having the cooler sure beats buying ice for my Igloo every third day.

The only critter I came across today was a Moo Cow which was crossing the road in the mountains leading up to Glacier.  She was crossing the road as I came around a turn, but there was a car in front of me and we were already going pretty slow so it was no problem.

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  1. Wow!!! I do remember the THING. I haven’t seen one in a long time. Guess we are telling our age. 😩😩


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