Wildfire near Missoula, Montana

As I was ending my journey today I got on the dreaded interstate in Missoula to drive the 2 1/2 hours back to Coeur d’Alene.  Once I got outside of town I could see a big smoke plume drifting north, away from the fire source.  This was taken about 55 miles northwest of Missoula, looking south.  Once I got a little further up the road I could tell that the fire itself was, thankfully, in an area of only maybe 4 square miles, and much smaller than what you often hear about on the news.  I later saw about a half dozen helicopters parked in a field just off the interstate with fuel trucks and personnel nearby.  The weather forecast this morning called for a front to come in about the same time as I took this and bring stronger winds overnight, which would be unfavorable for fire suppression.

2 thoughts on “Wildfire near Missoula, Montana”

  1. Dry grasses will do that. Sounds like they’re on top of it. Think it’s any of the folks from the trading center you saw?


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