Unexpected find

This is one of the advantages of driving on scenic roads.  After spending several days on prairie land and in mountains, this was the opening act of what turned out to be more than an hour driving adjacent to Banks Lake, which is home to Steamboat Rock State Park in Washington State.

Yesterday’s drive in central Idaho, while pleasant, frankly got kind of boring.  The southward leg was nice, but when I started heading east towards Missoula, Montana it was over 100 miles of a stream running parallel to the highway, a winding road with a 50 mile per hour speed limit (and no guardrail!).  Picturesque, but repetitive.  At this point today’s drive got anything but boring.

The guy in the water (who was walking very gingerly on the rocks below the water’s surface) was waiting for his buddy who was up in the rocks to the right negotiating his way to the rock on the far right where he would jump into the water.  Fun, but risky.

Then I started driving alongside a huge lake with a rocky cliff rising along the left side of the road.  The lake brought many nice views and photo opportunities with various rock formations in the distance.

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