Mount Baker, Washington

These were taken from Artist Point, the highest place they let you drive to.  The top photo is of Mount Baker (elev. 10,781 feet, the highest peak in the distance) which is quite a ways from where I was standing.  The bottom picture is looking the other direction towards, I believe, Mount Hermann (elev. 6,286 feet) which is a lot closer.

When I finished looking around and taking pictures up at the peak of the mountain I was on I drove back out to Interstate 5 (which I only took in the interest of time) and headed south to Snohomish, Washington.  From there I took Route 2, my third scenic road of the day, east through about 70 miles of several consecutive National Forests and Wilderness Areas and back home to Wenatchee.

Today concludes three weeks on the road.  10,214 miles so far this trip!

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