Wenatchee, Washington

While in Washington I am staying in Wenatchee, which is located pretty much right in the middle of the state.  I chose it because of it’s strategic location relative to the places I wanted to visit while I’m here.

Wenatchee claims to be the Apple Capital of the World.  I’ve seen lots of apple orchards, as well as numerous cherry groves and farms where apricots are raised.  I’ve also seen lots of warehouses and packaging plants.

As I came in to the area yesterday I noticed a sign along the road indicating that many fields of crops have a sign facing the highway indicating what is being grown there.  At first I thought that was kind of hokey but I quickly embraced it as a neat idea and now I am disappointed if I see a field that doesn’t have a sign telling what is being grown.  So far I’ve seen sweet corn, alfalfa, canola seed, potatoes, and yes, even green manure (Ewww…).  Seriously, it had a sign just like the others!

And speaking of potatoes, you’re probably thinking “But John, you were just in Idaho.  Why haven’t we seen potatoes yet?”.  Patience 007, patience.  I’ll be staying in Boise in a few weeks and visiting the southern part of the state so you’ll be getting a full helping of potatoes from down there.

The picture above was taken only about 10 minutes after leaving town heading north towards today’s destinations.

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