And as I take the tracks into the sunset…

…well, something like that.

This was taken this evening after I had dinner in Wenatchee.  As you may have guessed, this was kind of a slow news day.  I opted to stay close to town for a change, get caught up on some paperwork and computer correspondence, buy some stuff for my new camera (a monopod to help steady it on zoom shots, etc.) and clean up and re-arrange things in my car.  I also checked out some things here in Wenatchee, which is actually a neat little town and has a beautiful waterfront along the Columbia River.

Tomorrow I bid Wenatchee a fond adieu and the JohnBoy show moves on to Bend, Oregon (for a full week.  Yippee).  It has been an incredible 5 days in Washington.  The weather was fantastic and I covered a lot of territory, but saw many amazing and interesting things.

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