Enumclaw, Washington

After I visited Mt. Rainier on Wednesday I got back on the scenic east-to-west road I had used to get there and continued on west to Enumclaw (NASCAR driver Kasey Kahne’s hometown. Congrats, Kasey, of your big win at the Brickyard last Sunday!).  As I started driving north toward the scenic road which would take me back east to Wenatchee I saw this sign and had to go check it out.

I turned and started driving down the road to get to the Park.  I didn’t see any more signs for a while go I asked Google (I have a button on my phone which lets me ask Google to look things up for me, similar to Siri and Alexa on other platforms) to tell me how to get to the Park. She (I haven’t given her a name) has a charming British accent and came back with the response “Here is some information on Flaming Geezer State Park” which I thought was hysterical (but I imagine that is a very different kind of park altogether….).

Sure enough, the Park was another mile or two down the road.  When I saw there was a $10 entrance fee I wondered exactly what I would be seeing, so when I got to the entrance I asked the young lady what a flaming geyser is.  She explained that there is methane coming up out of the ground which creates a flame above the surface.  I asked if it was something better seen at night and she said no, you can clearly see it during the day.  So I ponied up my ten bucks and went in to take a look.

I’ll keep you in suspense and post pictures tomorrow.  There was also a “bubbling geyser” a short walk away from the flaming geyser (no extra charge!).  No cheating now.   Don’t get ahead of me and look it up online, children.

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