Balloon Festival in Bend, Oregon



I just took these about 2 hours ago.  The majority of the balloons flew yesterday and there were only about 6 that flew today.

The top picture was taken on my way to the launch site.  The balloon suddenly appeared drifting quickly from right to left (and very, very low).  I grabbed my camera and was able to snag a picture while I was driving (sorry, Shawn.  I know you’re going to yell at me!).

I was able to find a perfect place to park with the sun behind me and the mountains in the distance.  Then I just waited for the right shot.  I really wish I would have been here yesterday morning, as my Airbnb hostess said it was the largest number of balloons she had seen in the air in all the years she has lived here.

Last night I went to a “night-glow” event (where the balloons stay on the ground and are illuminated from within the envelope).  For various reasons I didn’t get there until it was almost over and only saw two balloons lit up.  I am disappointed at how the pictures I took turned out and don’t feel they are blogworthy.  My friends Eric and Shawn went to a similar event in North Carolina a few years ago and took some awesome pictures.  Now I just need to talk them into starting a blog!

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