Bobbing for apples

This was the first bungee jumper I saw (seen standing in the platform in the post below) bobbing up and down after taking the plunge.  A total of three people jumped in the hour or so that I was there (two visitors and one employee).

And no, JohnBoy didn’t get talked into trying it.  When I was out on the bridge checking out the setup a young lady asked “Are you ready to jump, sir?”.  I replied “No ma’am, I’m afraid of heights and it is all I can do to be out here talking to you”.

I waited and waited for someone else to jump so I could get a video but finally gave up and left.  I guess I’ll just have to wait until I’m in Colorado in a few weeks to get video of my nephew, Sam, bungee jumping.  (There, Sam, I’ve thrown down the gauntlet….).

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