No Parking!!!


August 2, 2019

Friday morning I drove back in to St. John’s to take more photos (and eat more yummy food) and I decided to park way up on one of the higher residential streets and gradually work my way down to the water. I found a street with a 2-hour free parking zone and as I pulled in to the furthest forward of two open spaces I noticed this situation which brings to mind a photo I saw online recently (and which I had seen similarly depicted a few months ago).


The parking zone sign and white line on the pavement clearly shows that this is a legitimate parking spot. But look closely – there is also a fire hydrant (and sign) near the front of the space. A dilemma.

This scenario didn’t end well for the owner of a car in Halifax, Canada about 2 weeks ago when they parked in front of a fire hydrant and, as misfortune would have it, a fire broke out nearby. The firemen broke the car windows to get the hose through the car in order to extinguish the fire.


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When this was reported in the news the authorities were still deciding whether or not to reimburse the car owner for damages. Although it was a clearly marked parking spot, the presence of the fire hydrant made it a no parking zone.

I had heard of another similar event from Anaheim, California back in February but in researching this post it was evidently a “watch and learn” exercise to help inform the public.


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As you can see from the photo below, I moved my car BACK one space before leaving it for my walking photo shoot and eating tour, and it was thankfully intact when I returned about 2 1/2 hours later.




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