Bay of Fundy video

August 6, 2019

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Something else I’ve been meaning to mention…  It occurred to me about a week ago that there must be a time lapse video of the incredible Bay of Fundy tides going in and out and, sure enough, I looked on YouTube and found a good one that shows a complete cycle in less than a minute.  Do a search on YouTube and you should find it.  I can’t post videos or links to them on the blog.

Duh.   Don’t know why I didn’t think of finding a time lapse video earlier or mention it in my original posts.

No worries

August 6, 2019


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Prior this trip the only person I ever knew who routinely said that phrase was the young lady whose Airbnb I stayed in when I was visiting Joshua Tree National Park in southern California near the beginning of my California trip last year.  I even commented to her while I was there that it was new to me and I really liked it.

Up here in Canada, everybody says it.  I just looked at my former hostess’s Airbnb listing to see if perhaps she might have mentioned if she is originally from Canada (she didn’t indicate one way or the other).

“No worries” is kind of like when I say “No problem” if someone thanks me for something.  A few years ago my original boss in North Carolina inspired me to change my ways.  He was from Mississippi and when someone thanked him for something he would respond “My pleasure”.  Hmmmm….  problem = negative vibe vs. pleasure = positive vibe.  I decided I would change my ways.

But the next time a client thanked me for doing something I looked them square in the eye and said “No pleasure”.

As the saying goes – you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.  I tried….


Canadians are trusting souls

August 6, 2019

While visiting the Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland, about a week and a half ago now,  I saw large, neat stacks of cut wood along the road, often far away from any houses.  I meant to ask my Airbnb hosts in Quirpon about it but never thought of it (we talked about lots of other things).  When I took the tour of L’Anse aux Meadows the tour guide addressed the issue.


These were stacked near a home but my point is – wood is valuable.  Someone paid for this wood.  All stacks of wood which have been carefully cut and stacked (to dry) belong to someone, or perhaps a group of people.  Many Canadians heat their homes with wood the majority of the year.  The rule is – don’t take the wood unless you have permission.  If you were in an accident or are sick and couldn’t get your own wood this year – I’ve got 3 years worth, here, have some of mine.  But take my wood without my permission and you’re a thief and very quickly your name is mud and people in the community will shun you.  To use a phrase from the TV show Survivor, you might get voted off the island!

My experience in 3 1/2 weeks here is that Canadians are extremely polite, friendly and trustworthy – but don’t go pushing their buttons….

And you can’t beat the smell of a wood fire, especially if you know it isn’t coming from a wildfire like what I experienced in the western US the past two years.

One of these things is not like the other

August 6, 2019

While I am cooling my heels in North Sydney, Nova Scotia waiting for my car to be repaired, and since I got caught up posting my blog yesterday, I thought I’d go back and post some things I have seen during my trip which I haven’t shared with you yet.  One of them is this sign for a store in Stellarton, NS, just south of New Glasgow:


Hmmmm… a strange combination, unless perhaps you are into kinky sex…..

The first sign of trouble was that the store was empty and available for lease.  Who knows, maybe they needed to move to a larger location.  But alas, I Googled the name and the business is permanently closed.

Hate that I missed it….

August 6, 2019

For those of you not familiar with southeastern US lingo, a phrase like that is fairly commonplace in North Carolina where I now live. In this context, “Hate” is merely a substitute for “Sorry”. One of my favorite stories is about an experience I had in New York City where I was enjoying a yummy bowl of French onion soup in a French restaurant and the young couple at the table next to me was having a rather animated discussion about something. At one point the young lady, clearly agitated and while trying to make a point, said something to the effect that she hated people who block intersections (or whatever) and after a brief pause her boyfriend/husband/companion calmly responded “It’s not nice to hate”.

Words to live by…..

Well, I just discovered that three days ago was National Mustard Day (probably in the US – we love to have screwy days celebrating everything imaginable).


(Photo credit + copyright: French’s Company and French’s brand)

The article where I found this photo online said that the ice cream is surprisingly good…

They probably stock this in the freezer of the new Oscar Meyer Weinermobile Airbnb located near Chicago (as well as French’s mustard in the fridge).