No worries

August 6, 2019


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Prior this trip the only person I ever knew who routinely said that phrase was the young lady whose Airbnb I stayed in when I was visiting Joshua Tree National Park in southern California near the beginning of my California trip last year.  I even commented to her while I was there that it was new to me and I really liked it.

Up here in Canada, everybody says it.  I just looked at my former hostess’s Airbnb listing to see if perhaps she might have mentioned if she is originally from Canada (she didn’t indicate one way or the other).

“No worries” is kind of like when I say “No problem” if someone thanks me for something.  A few years ago my original boss in North Carolina inspired me to change my ways.  He was from Mississippi and when someone thanked him for something he would respond “My pleasure”.  Hmmmm….  problem = negative vibe vs. pleasure = positive vibe.  I decided I would change my ways.

But the next time a client thanked me for doing something I looked them square in the eye and said “No pleasure”.

As the saying goes – you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.  I tried….


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