Canadian sign language

August 13, 2019

I know I am now a few days behind posting (AGAIN) and I am accumulating lots of pictures which I think will be worth the wait. I’ll get to them eventually. Please allow me two or three slightly off topic and out of sequence posts and then I’ll get back to my real job. I think I’m in for the night now (4pm local time) – rain in the area and I just had an early dinner and another beer (aside to Eric – Rickard’s Red last night and Heineken Extra Cold (not Gold, Cold) today). My dinner and beer last night after I arrived, plus sleep deprivation from my bender in Miramichi (uh oh, JohnBoy’s hittin’ the sauce again….) PLUS all the driving and picture taking yesterday made me a sleepy buckaroo and I was up again in the wee hours today fretting about the accents issue. I only did one quick post last night before going to bed because I had to thoroughly edit the text as all the events listed above really did a number on my “poke and hope” typing skills.

Here are more road signs I’ve seen in the last day or two. Canadians LOVE pictures on their signs….


Road freezes at 0 degrees Celsius – pretty straightforward.


Four-way Stop. Again, a no-brainer. See, this makes driving up here fun – it’s like playing Pictionary.


A toughie. Levitating School Bus (and a young couple who just broke up).


I’m not really sure but I’m thinkin’ Farting Tires, perhaps?

(Actually loose gravel in the upcoming construction zone you silly goose)

And my favorite:


Exclamation Point Ahead


Rotate it a little counterclockwise and it could be Thelma and Louise.

I saw another one yesterday which I can’t figure out. I tried a few searches for it online without success. I’ll keep an eye out for it elsewhere as I proceed north. I know where it was but it was too far to backtrack. And I have more from my private stock and that I found in said online research but I’ll save them for another time.

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