First full day in Québec City

August 16, 2019

No photos now.  I will hold them until I get caught up with posts showing how I got here.  I took lots and lots of photos and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

I wrote this post in real time as I was way behind in posting and didn’t want my blog peeps to think that the ospreys I photographed in Lameque followed me back to my Airbnb and really had plucked my eyes out.

I am in Québec City and the overnight rain is now moving east so I am getting ready to walk down to the “Old Town” area for my first day of sightseeing (and eating).  I have just prepared the photos for my last post from New Brunswick and will post them when I get home this evening.  My Airbnb host is leaving town after work tonight for a hiking and camping trip with his friends over the weekend so I’ll have the place to myself and, if not too tired (or full), will try to knock out a few more posts tonight.

And as you can see, my friend in Durham found a solution for my “accents” dilemma and I will incorporate them in future posts.  They will become increasingly important when I am in Québec province.  Including them may slow me down a little because they are not automatic and I must examine each word or name to see which accent to use and replace the regular character with the “special character”.  I may miss a few but I’ll try my best.

913am  Eastern time Friday


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