Beartooth Butte, Yellowstone

No butt jokes, please!  This is Beartooth Butte and Beartooth Lake in the northeast portion of Yellowstone National Park.  And it’s butte, pronounced as in “Trump said Macron’s wife was a beaut”.

I have sooooo many mountain pictures and I don’t want to bore you with too many, but when I do post any I’ll try to pick the best ones.  As Al Pacino said in “Scent of a Woman”: I’m just gettin’ started….   Given my itinerary expect more mountain, stream, lake and snow pictures to come.  And hopefully some interesting wildlife.  Saw lots more bison today, alone and in groups.  Also had to stop (again) as several cows crossed the road.  Is it a herd?? A pack??  A bunch??

Talked with some newlyweds from Oregon who saw a group of antelope being chased by a bear earlier in the day.  Still haven’t seen any elusive Bighorn Sheep so far this trip, although there were more warning signs.  I did see some ordinary sheep in eastern Wyoming yesterday on my way up here.  Alas, no other critters today.

Oh, and I figured out why there weren’t many motorcycles in Sturgis.  It’s because they are all in Yellowstone.  Saw almost as many bikes as campers & motorhomes, and there were lots of both.

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