Snowball fight at 9,965 feet

Saw these young ladies frolicking in the snow.  Don’t worry, I asked their Dad, who was standing next to me, if it was OK to take their picture before I did (unlike my mother asking our neighbor if it was OK for her to cut some chives after she already had.  Frances Grey!!).

And it appears that the mountains with substantial snow left at the top reach 10,000 feet or higher.  There is obviously some snow below that level but that is where the serious accumulation remains.

Highest point reached today was 11,052 feet (and STILL no cell service!!).  For those of you wondering about the numbers, my spiffy new GPS unit provides altitude on demand.  I’m on my 3rd GPS unit, by the way, having thrown the first two out the window when I got aggravated with them.

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