A bison amongst the geysers

This guy was hanging out in one of the geyser basins.  He stayed right where he was the whole time I was there.


Both male and female bison have horns.  So how do you tell a male from a female?  (Really??  Do we need to have “the talk”….)

In addition to the obvious plumbing differences, male bison have a more pronounced hump on their back, have more hair on their heads and forelegs, and weigh about twice as much as a female.  There are also subtle differences in the shape of their head and the relationship between their shoulder width and hips.

If you see a bison raise its tail you have probably done something to piss him off and you should start paying closer attention to him than you already are.  This action means they are angry (or maybe they’re pooping).  If they aren’t pooping than be advised of this:

Q:  How fast can a bison run?

A:  Faster than you.

An average human can run about 10-15 mph.  Usain Bolt has been clocked at 28 mph.  A 2,000 pound adult male bison can get up to 35 mph.  So if you see that tail go up you’d better start heading for the exit.

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