45th Parallel (North)

I originally took this picture to send to friends of mine whose last name is Gardiner.  This little town (pop. 875) is located just outside the north entrance to Yellowstone National Park.  Coincidentally, the Gardiners visited Yellowstone just a few weeks ago with their kids and came out to have lunch here.  But there is another reason why I’m telling you all this….

Gardiner is located near the 45th Parallel, the point halfway between the equator and the North Pole (the sign marking the exact point is just inside the Park entrance).  I first saw a sign denoting this distinction when I passed through Stewartstown, NH (VERY close to the Canadian border) two years ago while touring New England.  Other US towns located near the 45th are Minneapolis, MN and Wausau, WI.  This gives you some idea how far north I am right now.

In a few days I’ll be heading up to Kalispell, MT, just outside Glacier National Park.  Kalispell is a little north of the 48th Parallel (or 48 degrees north of the equator).  For those of you in the east, this will put me the equivalent of being north of Quebec City (or at the very tippy-top of Maine).


If you lived in Provo, Utah (approx. 40 degrees north) and Kevin Bacon lives in Los Angeles (34 degrees north) then you could say there is six degrees of separation between you and Kevin Bacon!   Thank you, and goodnight…. I’ll be here all week.  Remember to tip your waitresses……

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