Snake River

Sunday I got my first glimpse of the Snake River.  This picture if from up near the easternmost tip of Jackson Lake in Grand Teton National Park and is looking back towards some of the northernmost mountains in the Teton range.  You (and I) will be seeing lots more of the Snake River later in this trip as I zig-zag across the northwest.  It looks calm and tranquil here but will get pretty ferocious further on down the line.

I did see two people kayaking to the left of where this picture was taken.  They are the only people actually kayaking that I have seen so far (though I see lots of kayaks on vehicles).  The rivers and streams up in Yellowstone and in other parts of Montana were moving along at a pretty good clip and while kayaking downstream would be fun, I think trying to paddle upstream would be a challenge.  The water is quite cold and swimming is discouraged.

I have also seen lots and lots of people fly fishing during my time in Wyoming and Montana.  I’m sure folks fishing the Snake River are trying to catch a coveted Snake River fine-spotted cutthroat trout.

I’ll be staying in Rexburg ID in a few weeks and may get a chance to get back up to Grand Teton National Park at that time.  The Park is in the northwest corner of Wyoming and is about 10 miles south of Yellowstone.

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    1. Indeed!! I hear there is going be a great place in Oregon to kayak out onto a lake and see salmon. I always thought they were exclusively river fish.


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