Final day in Yellowstone

Today was “loose-ends day” when I try to tackle anything on my agenda that I haven’t gotten to yet.  Well I had pretty much done everything I planned to so I decided to drive east of Yellowstone to an area I had driven through the first day but take some different roads once I got there.  Then, on the way home, I entered Yellowstone at the east entrance and went west through the northern part of the Park to leave via the north entrance.

Saw lots more bison, including a big one right next to the road, walking parallel to it on my side.  I was the only car on the road when I saw him so I quick turned around and got a few pictures.  At one point he walked out in the road and stopped (again, parallel to the flow of traffic).  I tried to get a picture in my rear view mirror but when I put the phone up there all I could get a picture of was the phone!  The best laid plans…..

I saw several female moose and a few calves today as well.  As I was getting close to the exit traffic stopped and I saw this guy trotting down the other lane towards me.  When I first saw him he was probably 6 car lengths ahead of me and I assumed he’d probably duck into the vegetation by the side of the road before he got to me but he just kept on coming and waltzed right past me.

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