Want to play fetch?

Meet my new best buddy Regan.  I am staying at his house while in Bozeman.  Regan LOVES to play fetch with a tennis ball.  He will do it non-stop if you let him.  His next favorite thing to do is play tug-o-war with the yellow thingie on the porch step, or an old blue frisbee (and he’s very good at it).  I’ll miss his wanting me to go outside to play.  I got up about 5 this morning to get a drink of water and he came padding out into the kitchen with his tennis ball.  Too early, Regan!

4 thoughts on “Want to play fetch?”

    1. I thought about dognapping him… very seriously, but I think Jake & Korey would hunt me down and kill me. Hell, he can drive and I’ll operate the camera!


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