Coeur d’Alene Tribal Pow Wow

This was an incredibly colorful event.  These men and women could give the Mummers a serious run for their money.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with that reference, the Mummers are a group of various clubs who have a parade in Philadelphia on New Year’s Day each year (check it out on YouTube).  Now IT is a party and event put on for show!

There were many, many participants in this pow wow- young and old.  Unfortunately I had other things to do so I wasn’t able to stick around to see the actual competition (I arrived at about 1030 but then learned things wouldn’t actually begin until 1 o’clock).   I would very much like to go to another pow wow and stay for the duration.


I did get to eat my first Indian Taco while I was waiting for things to get underway.  It was made with flatbread in place of a tortilla, and had meat and beans which were more like chili that what is in traditional American tacos.  Then the usual cheese, onions and salsa.  It was kind of heavy, but yummy and of course I ate the whole thing!

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