Mission of the Sacred Heart

When I got to town on Thursday I stopped at a gas station to clean the bugs off my windshield.  As I was doing that I saw a gentleman come out towards his car at one of the gas pumps.  I said “excuse me, do you live here in this town?”.  He was very hesitant to answer “Uh, yeah” probably thinking I was going to follow him home and rob him.  Once I explained that I was from North Carolina and simply wanted to ask how to pronounce the name of the town he lightened up and became quite a Chatty Cathy.  He and his wife suggested two things to see, neither of which were on my radar.  This post is of one of their recommendations.

The Mission is located on Cataldo, Idaho, about 25 miles southeast of Coeur d’Alene, and is believed to be the oldest building still standing in the state.  Construction started somewhere around 1850.  The walls are 18 inches thick and are made with woven grass and adobe mud, without the use of nails.

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